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What is Building Your Business the Right-Brain Way About?

In “Building Your Business the Right-Brain Way,” Jennifer Lee offers creative and intuitive methods for entrepreneurs to develop and grow their businesses. (Full Summary…)

Building Your Business the Right-Brain Way Summary Review

“Building Your Business the Right-Brain Way: Sustainable Success for the Creative Entrepreneur” by Jennifer Lee is an insightful guide that seamlessly blends practical business strategies with a refreshing right-brain perspective. The author, founder of Artizen Coaching and renowned for her bestselling book “The Right-Brain Business Plan,” presents a compelling approach that resonates with the creative entrepreneur seeking a path to sustainable success.

The book opens with a promise to provide advice that is not only practical and focused but also mirrors the playful and passionate spirit of creative individuals. Jennifer Lee delivers on this promise by offering a holistic framework that encourages action and continuous improvement, fostering extraordinary long-term results.

The unique strength of this book lies in its applicability across diverse business landscapes. Whether you’re a sole proprietor, a crafter, a wellness professional, or any creative soul making a meaningful impact, the author tailors her insights to suit various entrepreneurial endeavors.

Lee guides readers through crucial aspects of business development, including assessing the business’s unique “ecosystem,” building a compelling brand, attracting and retaining ideal customers, and developing income streams that optimize time and resources. The emphasis on promoting products and services with authenticity and ease adds a personal touch to the strategic business advice.

One notable feature is the incorporation of play sheets and color illustrations throughout the book, adding a visual and interactive dimension to the learning experience. These elements serve to inspire action and enhance the overall readability, making complex concepts more accessible.

The book also delves into team building, both virtual and in-person, offering valuable insights into managing staff and vendors. Establishing infrastructure and procedures to ensure smooth operations is another aspect covered, providing a comprehensive guide for creative entrepreneurs navigating the business landscape.

A particularly commendable aspect of Lee’s work is the recognition of the importance of carving out “white space” – moments for reflection and celebration. This acknowledgment of the need for balance aligns with the right-brain perspective, advocating for a more holistic approach to business success.

The author’s background, including a decade of consulting for Fortune 500 companies, lends credibility to her insights. Jennifer Lee seamlessly combines her corporate experience with a genuine passion for nurturing creative businesses, creating a compelling narrative that engages readers.

While the book is an excellent resource for creative entrepreneurs, its value is further highlighted by the positive reception from readers. Customer reviews consistently praise the book for its actionable advice, visual appeal, and the author’s ability to translate complex business concepts into a language that resonates with the creative mind.

Essentially, “Building Your Business the Right-Brain Way” stands out as a comprehensive guide that empowers creative entrepreneurs to grow successful and lasting businesses on their terms. Jennifer Lee’s expertise, coupled with a right-brain perspective, makes this book a valuable asset for anyone seeking to thrive in the dynamic world of creative entrepreneurship.

Who is the author of Building Your Business the Right-Brain Way?

Jennifer Lee received a bachelor’s degree in communication studies from UCLA and a master’s degree in communication management from USC. She consulted for ten years for companies such as Gap Inc., Accenture, Sony, and HP, helping leaders and organizations manage change.

How long is Building Your Business the Right-Brain Way?

  • Print length: 240 pages

What genre is Building Your Business the Right-Brain Way?

Business, Nonfiction, Entrepreneurship

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