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What is Working Together About?

“Working Together” by Michael D. Eisner is a memoir that highlights the author’s experiences as CEO of Disney and offers insights on leadership, teamwork, and creativity. (Full Summary…)

Working Together Summary Review

“Working Together: Why Great Partnerships Succeed” by Michael D. Eisner and Aaron R. Cohen offers readers a profound exploration into the dynamics and intricacies of successful partnerships. Drawing on Eisner’s wealth of experience, particularly during his tenure as Disney CEO, the book provides a fascinating look at the role partnerships played in shaping his career and those of other notable figures.

The authors present a compelling narrative that goes beyond a mere recounting of success stories. Instead, they delve into the essence of why partnerships thrive, exploring the symbiotic relationships that propel individuals to greater heights when working in tandem. Eisner’s own journey, intertwined with anecdotes of iconic collaborations such as Warren Buffett and Charlie Munger, Valentino and Giancarlo Giammetti, and Bill and Melinda Gates, creates a rich tapestry of insights into the power of collaboration.

What sets this book apart is its ability to transcend the corporate realm and touch on the human aspects of partnerships. Eisner emphasizes the personal growth and mutual benefits that arise when individuals bring their unique strengths and perspectives to the table. The narrative unfolds as a celebration of the synergies that occur when like-minded individuals join forces, dispelling the myth of the solitary business genius.

The book is not merely a theoretical exploration; it provides practical wisdom for those navigating the complexities of partnerships. Eisner’s storytelling style, marked by lively anecdotes and real-world examples, makes the content accessible and engaging. The inclusion of diverse partnerships from various industries ensures a broad perspective, allowing readers to draw parallels to their own circumstances.

One of the notable strengths of “Working Together” is its emphasis on trust as the linchpin of successful partnerships. Eisner contends that trust forms the foundation upon which fruitful collaborations are built, and he underscores its significance through vivid narratives. The reader is taken on a journey where trust becomes the currency that fuels creativity, innovation, and enduring relationships.

The book not only extols the virtues of partnerships but also serves as a reflective guide for those contemplating or currently engaged in collaborations. It prompts readers to reassess their approach to teamwork, encouraging a shift from a lone wolf mentality to one that recognizes and embraces the power of shared visions and complementary skills.

Essentially, “Working Together” is a thought-provoking exploration of the alchemy that occurs when great minds converge in partnership. Michael D. Eisner and Aaron R. Cohen masterfully weave a narrative that transcends industries and resonates with universal truths about human connection and collaboration. This book stands as a testament to the enduring value of partnerships and is an invaluable resource for anyone seeking to navigate the complex terrain of collaborative success.

Who is the author of Working Together?

Michael Dammann Eisner is an American businessman and former chairman and chief executive officer of The Walt Disney Company from September 1984 to September 2005.

Aaron Cohen is an Israeli-American writer, director, actor, author and former Duvdevan Special Forces soldier specializing in counter-terrorism. He wrote the memoir Brotherhood of Warriors.

How long is Working Together?

  • Print length: 304 pages

What genre is Working Together?

Business, Nonfiction, Entrepreneurship


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