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“Write Your Business Plan” by The Staff of Entrepreneur Media provides a comprehensive guide to creating a business plan, including tips, examples, and worksheets to help entrepreneurs succeed. (Full Summary…)

Write Your Business Plan Summary Review

“Write Your Business Plan,” co-authored by The Staff of Entrepreneur Media and Eric Butow, stands as a comprehensive guide addressing the pivotal task of crafting a business plan for entrepreneurs. In this second edition, the authors emphasize the critical role a well-structured business plan plays in the success of a startup, making it a valuable resource for both new ventures and established businesses seeking strategic recalibration.

The book begins by highlighting the importance of translating one’s business vision into a tangible plan, positioning it as the foundational blueprint for any venture. It accommodates a diverse audience, catering to those at the outset of their entrepreneurial journey and those already engaged in running a business. Leveraging their expertise, the authors guide readers through the intricate process of creating a business plan encompassing product details, strategies, market insights, team composition, and growth opportunities.

The guide aims to impart practical skills, instructing readers on crafting a tailored plan to suit their unique needs. It asserts its relevance across various scenarios, advocating its utility for attracting investors, securing funding, managing risks, and fostering business growth. Throughout, the guide underscores the significance of setting achievable goals and objectives while optimizing time and resources.

An additional feature is the inclusion of free one-month access to LivePlan Premium, a business planning software, enhancing the book’s practicality by providing hands-on tools to implement theoretical insights.

However, some potential limitations have been noted. One critique mentions the book’s perceived repetitiveness in underscoring the importance of a written plan. Another specific concern is the absence of a business plan format or template within the book, potentially limiting its practical application.

On a positive note, the guide receives commendation for its completeness, covering a broad range of topics relevant to business planning. It is also praised for its directness in efficiently imparting necessary information for initiating the business plan drafting process.

Essentially, “Write Your Business Plan” emerges as a multifaceted guide designed to equip entrepreneurs with the knowledge and skills required to articulate a coherent and effective business plan. Despite facing scrutiny for certain aspects, such as repetitiveness and lack of specific templates, the book remains a valuable resource for those looking to embark on their entrepreneurial journey or refine existing business strategies through a meticulously crafted business plan.

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Entrepreneur Media, Inc. has set the course for success for millions of entrepreneurs and small business owners. They teach the secrets of the winners and give exactly what you need to lay the groundwork for success.

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  • Print length: 394 pages

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Business, Entrepreneurship, Nonfiction


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